Commercial Department

Frequently asked Questions

You must pay the tuition fees within the terms specified in your contract.

Payment is made on the basis of a referral for payment tuition fees:

for students – received through the portal of the Unified Information System of RUDN at;
for entrants – displayed in the Commercial Department of the RUDN University at the conclusion of a contract for tuition.

Methods of payment:

Through the cashier of any bank;
Through bank terminals and cash machines of any banks;
Through on-line offices of any banks;
Through the site in on-line mode.
  • Select a training unit and an additional education program.

  • Submit an application for admission to the training program for the selected program.

  • Read the contract sent to you by corporate mail.

  • Pay an invoice sent to corporate mail.

You can conclude the contract:

  • in the educational department implementing the selected program;
  • in the Commercial Department of the RUDN University, if there is a direction from the educational department (the main building, rooms 5, 7, 8, opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9AM till 7PM, Saturday from 10AM till 3PM).
  • Agree on the issue of transfer/readmission with the dean’s office (directorate).

  • Write a request for transfer/readmission.

  • Sign the application at the dean’s office.

  • Sign the application in Students Personnel Department (office No.220 of the RUDN Main Building).

  • Sign the application in the passport office and the relevant department of the department for the reception and accompaniment of foreign students (for foreign students).

  • Sign the application on absence of indebtedness at Department of complex services for residents (DCSR).

  • Sign a contract for tuition in Commercial Department and receive a referral for payment.

  • Make payment for tuition.

  • Provide a copy of the application and payment order to the dean’s office (directorate).

Incentives during the period of study:

students having excellent academic performance during the previous 4 semesters in a row;
students who actively participate in the life of the RUDN-University during the previous academic year and who have an "excellent" score during the last two semesters;
students who are winners and prize-winners of international, All-Russian Olympiads, contests and other events during the last 2 years;
students who have taken prize-winning places in Russian and international sports competitions within the last two years as part of the RUDN teams.


students in the situation of a significant deterioration in their financial situation compared with previous periods of education, which occurred as a result of extraordinary circumstances, not dependent on the will of the student;
studying simultaneously at two or more higher education programs.

The condition for obtaining a discount is the student's absence of disciplinary penalties, academic debts and arrears in payment for tuition.

Applications for a discount are made before the beginning of the semester.

The maximum possible discount is 20%.

You can find detailed information on the types of discounts and the conditions of their provision in the regulatory documents of the section "Education", RUDN website.

  • Read the Regulations on the provision of discounts and other forms of support for RUDN students (published on the official website of the University, "Paid Education" section).

  • Print the application form for the discount (, "Paid education" section) and fill it.

  • Apply to the Commercial Department (room 11, main building of RUDN University, working hours from 9AM till 7PM) for consideration at the meeting of the Commission for Social Support of Students and Employees of the RUDN University.

  • After reviewing the application, an e-mail with the decision of the Commission is sent to the student by the corporate e-mail.

In case of a positive decision, an additional agreement to the education contract on changing the cost of education is concluded with the student.

Address: Main building, ground floor, offices - 5, 7, 8.
Working hours: Monday to Friday from 09.00 am to 7.00 pm, Saturday from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.