University Management

The main law of life of the university is the Statute of RUDN University, the Rules of the Student Internal Code of Conduct are adopted in accordance with the Statute.

An Observatory Council is the collegial governing body of the University.

The collegial management body is the Conference of professors, staff and students of RUDN University that is held twice a year.

In period between the conferences the decisions are made by the Academic Council. The members are elected by secret ballot at the above-mentioned Conference. The Academic Council includes representatives of all the main scientific, pedagogical, and administrative departments of the university. It is headed by the Rector of the University.

Direct administration of the University is handled by the University Rector.

Heads of faculties/ institutes / academies - academic councils are performed by deans/directors.

The Departments and divisions (main educational-scientific structures of the University) are headed by Heads of Departments and Directors of divisions.

Since 2020, the post of President has been introduced at RUDN. President in coordination with the Rector exercises the following authorities:

participates in the work of the Supervisory Board and other managerial bodies of the University;
participates in elaborating University development programs;
represents University in interaction with government bodies, local bodies of self-government, public and other organisations;
participates in improving educational, research, organizational and managerial activity of the University.