Obtaining an Account of Office365 and RUDN UIS

From tutors on educational work of the faculty.

At the Portal of a unified information system (RUDN UIS):

  • Go to the portal.pfur.ru website.

  • Select "Password" in the top menu.

  • In the drop-down list, select "Send password".

  • Fill out the form below.

    Please observe the requirements for filling out the form. The serial number and passport number are entered without spaces, the date the document is issued in the format DD.MM.YYYY.

  • Click the button "Send credentials". At the e-mail address specified by you, a service message with the data of the service account of Office365 and the portal of the RUDN UIS will come.

  • If the operation ends in an error and you see a message on the "The data entered by you does not match those registered in the system. The operation is canceled", means that in the information databases of RUDN University there is no information about your passport data. Perhaps your document information was registered incorrectly in RUDN.

    Use the "Report an error" function or write an e-mail to support@rudn.ru, letter asking you to solve this problem.

    Do not forget to indicate in the letter your full name and surname and the number of the student ID.

    For feedback, leave the email you are using. Once again, check the spelling of the e-mail address and click the "Send" button.

    Technical support specialists will contact you by e-mail during the day.

You can get advice on using the Office365 corporate service by email at support@rudn.ru.

Unified information system portal (RUDN UIS)

RUDN UIS portal is the official information resource of the RUDN University, which allows you to receive information and services online, make payments to the RUDN University and much more.

Functions and services

The Unified Information System Portal is constantly changing expanding the list of electronic services, students are regularly informed.

You can get help on using a particular service on the RUDN UIS Portal by e-mail support@rudn.ru or through the feedback form.