Student Social Card

A student social card (SSC) can be obtained by students who are enrolled in the full-time form of education under the educational programs of the bachelor's degree, specialty, magistracy and internship.

What does the social card do?

Ability to use the bank application (including payment of the stipend).

Discounts when purchasing goods and services (you may find online guide to discounts on MOS.RU).

Possibility of enrolling to a doctor via information kiosk in a health center.

Ability to record an electronic digital signature.

Preferential travel on land transport, underground, MCR, the railway transport of suburban traffic (from September 1 to June 15): for students in Moscow and the Moscow region; for postgraduates and (medical) residents on the territory of Moscow only.

How to get a social card?

  • Select the section "Education"/"Higher"/"Student social card for a student, postgraduate, resident” on the MOS.RU portal in the e-services catalog.

  • Check your details in the student registry. If there is no data in the registry, then contact the employee: Oksana Borodina (

  • Fill in an electronic application.

  • The card will be ready within 30 calendar days from the date of application.

Foreign citizens apply for a social card at any convenient center of public services. The card will be ready within 30 calendar days from the date of application, subject to the availability of data in the student register.

You can check your data in the register of students and the readiness of the social card on the —

For questions about the absence or correction of data in the register of students, contact: Oksana Borodina (