How to get an Interpreter Diploma Simultaneously with a Basic Diploma

RUDN University is an internationally oriented university, therefore every student should strive for mastering foreign languages. For this purpose a unique program "Interpreter" has been accredited. If desired, students can learn several foreign languages. There are not only Western languages to choose, but also Oriental languages.

The program is designed for 4 years and involves an intensive, in-depth study of a foreign language in the process of studying at a university in parallel with pursuing the first higher education.

The educational process is organized in such a way that students can simultaneously master two educational programs: basic and linguistic, that is why special "language days" are allocated in the schedule when students only study foreign languages.

Based on the results of the "Interpreter" program, student receives two diplomas on higher education (for the basic educational program and for the «Interpreter» program), as well as an international certificate confirming the proficiency in a foreign language (Cambridge ESOL, French institute in Russia, Goethe-Institute, Cervantes Institute).

The "Interpreter" program is on a fee-paying basis

the cost of the program
84 000 rubles per year

To sign a contract and start training you need:

  • To receive a referral for the conclusion of a contract under the "Interpreter" program:

    — at the admissions office of your faculty/institute/academy;
    — or at the department of foreign languages of your faculty/institute/academy.

  • To enter into the contract in the Commercial Department:

    Main building, ground floor, offices No. 5, 7, 8
    Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, Saturday from 10 to 3 pm.

  • Pay due time for learning (payment terms are specified in the contract).

  • Undergo the training program and pass the final test successfully.

If the student is an underage it is necessary
To come with a referral and a legal representative (both with passports).
Or a legal representative should issue a notarized power of attorney to any adult person. You ought to come with a legal representative with passports, a referral and the power of attorney.
If the student is an adult
you need a referral and a passport.