How to Enroll for Joint Programs with Partner Universities

Internship can be online and offline.

Depending on the university and country it can be:

All RUDN students have the same conditions regardless of citizenship.

Steps to take:

  • View existing programs at the dean’s/directorate of your faculty/institute/academy.

  • Apply to the head of the faculty/institute/academy for consideration of your candidacy for participation in academic exchange programs with foreign universities partners.

  • Check with the academic part of the faculty/dean’s office/directorate of the educational unit the possibility of netting of the academic disciplines traversed in the partner institution during the internship.

  • Coordinate the terms and conditions of the internship in a foreign partner university with the dean’s office / directorate of the training unit.

  • Upon return, provide an academic certificate on the academic disciplines passed during the internship at a foreign partner institution to the dean’s office / directorate of the academic unit.