Checking Students' Works for Plagiarism

All coursework and graduate works of students of RUDN University must be tested in the Antiplagiat.VUZ system.

The verification system is made as convenient as possible for the student:

  • Scientific adviser in his personal account creates a task for students (the task is a form for downloading from the student, automatic checking, and viewing and reviewing by the teacher) and sends them invitations to download the work by corporate e-mail.

  • Students receive invitations, follow the link in the letter and go to the work download page.

  • On the work download page, students upload the work file and click the “Submit for Review” button.

  • The teacher receives a notice of receipt of work and confirms the fact of receiving the file in his account.

  • The Antiplagiat.VUZ system automatically checks the work of the student and generates a report on the availability of borrowings, the full report is available to the teacher, and a short report to the student.

  • The teacher checks the result of the automatic check and notes the sources of legitimate borrowing.

  • The final assessment of originality is indicated in the accompanying documents required for the protection of the student’s scientific work.

  • The teacher can check other types of independent work, which involve the use of various sources, on his own through Antiplagiat.VUZ or other verification systems.

In accordance with the "Regulations on the use of the Antiplagiat system for checking written educational works in the RUDN University" and the changes made to it (Rector's Order No. 747 of September 20, 1998), each student has at least 3 attempts to check his graduate work and 2 attempts – for course work.

The work is stored in the internal storage of the system, comparison is not conducted when the same work (and other works of this year) are downloaded repeatedly.

Subsequently, graduate works (but not course works) are transferred to the permanent storage system after protection and receipt of assessment, this process is carried out by the faculty, institute, academy (specially appointed employee, most often – responsible for graduation).