Medical Service

Clinical Diagnostic Center of the RUDN University (hereinafter referred to as RUDN CDC) provides medical care to students and employees of the RUDN University

It is situated on the territory of the University.

RUDN CDC is a multi-disciplinary health care facility that provides qualified medical care in outpatient settings. RUDN CDC is equipped with modern equipment and is staffed by experienced medical personnel, including leading professors of the Medical Institute of the RUDN University.

Medical care

Medical care at RUDN CDC is provided to students in the following order:

Citizens of the Russian Federation: in case of attachment for medical service to RUDN CDC. To attach to the medical service in the RUDN CDC you must provide the following documents to room 513:

the policy of compulsory health insurance (hereinafter CHI);
insurance number of the individual account (INIA, or SNILS);
application for attachment (you may find application form on the web-site, "Patient" section).
you may also get all the services without attachment to the clinic, but on a paid basis.
within the framework of the agreement concluded with RUDN CDC;
in the absence of an agreement - in accordance with the approved Price List.

What to do in case of a disease?

  • Independently make an appointment with the to a doctor in one of the following ways:

    through the web-site or, section Resources;
    with the use of infomats, located in the lobby of RUDN CDC;
    in the registry of the RUDN CDC personally;
    by calling 8 (495) 434-24-91.
  • If emergency treatment is necessary (acute pain, trauma, high fever, etc.) – go to room 112 in the RUDN CDC (emergency room).

  • In case emergency medical care is required and the student cannot come to RUDN CDC of MI:

    citizens of the Russian Federation – call the emergency medical service number 103 or 112;
    foreign citizens – dial the insurance company indicated on the VHI policy, or, in the absence of the policy, dial 103 or 112.

In case of questions arise regarding the procedure for providing medical assistance in the RUDN CDC, students can apply to the registry or call 8 (495) 434-24-91.

What is medical examination and why it should be undergone?

The human organism, falling into unfamiliar climatic, geographic, and cultural conditions, is exposed to the greatest stress, which can lead to the onset of the disease or to exacerbation of previously existing chronic diseases. In order to identify hidden diseases (of which the patient may not know) or prevent exacerbation of chronic diseases. The rules, volume, terms and other requirements for medical examination are approved by the Rector's degree. Schedule of medical examinations at the university

For violation of the Rector’s decree to undergo a medical examination, a student can receive a disciplinary penalty up to the expulsion.

A foreign citizen entering the RUDN University signs a contract for medical care

The cost of medical care in the 2020/2021 academic year
17 500 rubles

The contract for medical care at RUDN CDC is for the entire period of study.

The price includes:

You may find details of the program of medical services in the RUDN CDC on the official web-site

To sign a contract for medical care

Students of the budget form of education should refer to RUDN CDC of MI, room 504;
Students of the contract form of education should refer to the Commercial Department (Main building of RUDN University).

As part of protecting the health of students in the University, the compulsory rule for both foreign and Russian students is the availability of the following documents:

Conclusion on the possibility of living in a RUDN Hostel for health reasons;
Conclusion on the possibility of studying on the territory of the Russian Federation;
Conclusion about the health status indicating the health group;
Admission / non-admission to classes in a certain sports group;
Admission / non-admission to work practice.

The student is not allowed to live in a hostel and / or to study without these documents.

The documents are provided on the basis of the results of mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations.

Director: Inessa Katkova

Adress: 117198, Moscow, 10, Miklukho-Maklaya str.


Registration: 8 (495) 434-24-91

Emergency medical care office: 8 (495) 434-24-48

Schedule of work Monday-Friday: 08 am - 08 pm; Saturday: 09 am - 06 pm.