Student Self-Government


student organizations


students take part in the activities of RUDN student organizations, 42% of them are foreign students


students in elective positions

RUDN Student Council

Campus Council

Women’s Committee

12 Student Committes

More than 90 Student Professional Associations

5 Regional Organizations and Associations of Foreign Students

15 Hostel Councils

Interclub Council

112 Compatriotic Communities

13 Associations of Students from Regions of Russian Federations

SC “Druzhba”

The activities of the student government

Annually more than 10 meetings of the Rector with different categories of RUDN students.

Representatives of the RUDN University Student Council:

take part in solving issues concerning study and student life;
are members of the commissions of the RUDN Academic Council and working groups.
Coordination of student public organizations
Development of student self-government, in accordance with RUDN University Statute
Assistance in improving teaching and upbringing process
School of volunteers to work with students of Faculty of Russian language and general education disciplines
Socio-legal support of RUDN students
Organization of student leisure time
Representation of interests of RUDN University students
Information and methodical work
Grants from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh)
A competition for the best student organization
Best educational group of RUDN University faculties’ (institutes, academy) contest
Elders’ Monitors of educational groups of faculties (institutes, academy) contest
Representation and protection of the interests of foreign students, participation in solving their problems
Curator work with new students from their countries
Presentation of cultural and national traditions of their countries
Development of cooperation with other student and public organizations in RUDN


days and weeks of culture;
thematic festivals, contests, conferences, competitions, meetings, etc;
participation in international festivals "Planet Southwest", "We were made friends in Moscow", "The wreath of folk traditions" etc.;
sports and mass events.
Protection of interests of students living in hostels
Organization and holding of cultural and sports events
Maintenance of favorable tolerant atmosphere in hostels
Information support

This is not just a public student organization, but a friendly team of students and students from all over the world. The Women’s Committee is joined by those who are close to and understand the ideas of tolerance and humanism, who are interested in the culture and traditions of different peoples, who want to show their organizational and creative abilities.


project "Students of RUDN University – for orphans"
festivals for the University’s children
women’s Club
"Delicious festival" project
cooperation with public and state organizations
participation in thematic conferences and seminars
clubs for children and students living in dormitories

We are waiting for you every Monday and Thursday in RUDN Women’s Committee from 7:00 pm (till late)

Adress: ул. Миклухо-Маклая, д. 21А, комната 210
Phone: 8 (903) 133-46-20
Chair: Issa Shaabo (Lebanon)
Curator: Elena Nesterenko

Joining self-government bodies

To join self-government bodies it is necessary:

Traditional events

  • January

    Student holiday "Tatyana's Day"

  • February

    University Birthday

  • March

    Week of culture of students from the Middle Eastern countries

  • April

    Festival of students from Latin America and the Caribbean; Week of culture of students from African countries

  • May

    Student festival "Planet Southwest"; Victory Day

  • September

    "Knowledge Day", solemn ceremonies of RUDN University students initiation

  • October

    Meeting of excellent students of RUDN University

  • November

    Solemn ceremony of signing the Declaration of the Students' Community of the RUDN University by the leaders of student organizations; Student festival "Moscow made us friends"; International Day of Tolerance; International Student Day

  • December

    Week of culture of students from Asian countries; Student festival "The Wreath of Folk Traditions"

Tutors for educational work

All faculties, institutes and academy have deputy dean/ director for educational work and tutors for phoneracurricular work. They are responsible for organizing and conducting phoneracurricular work with the students, organizing the work to familiarize students with regulatory documents concerning students. They organize cultural, excursion leisure of students and also coordinate elders of the student groups

You can address tutors in phoneracurricular work on the following issues:

Department for work with students

Conducts phoneracurricular work with students, organizes socio-cultural adaptation of new students, coordinates the activity of student associations of RUDN.

Regional Sectors of Management (work with regional and compatriotic communities (associations) of foreign students and student associations from the regions of the Russian Federation)

Adress: Main building of RUDN University, room 335, phone 8 (495) 787-38-03, ext. 11-89

Head: Aleksey Vazhov

Adress: Main building of RUDN University, room 337, phone 8 (495) 787-38-03, ext. 11-90

Head: Aleksey Khipkhenov

Adress: Main building of RUDN University, room 334, phone 8 (495) 787-38-03, ext. 11-87

Head: Vyacheslav Sokolov

Adress: Main building of RUDN University, room 337, phone 8 (495) 787-38-03, ext. 21-42

Head: Anatoly Torsukov

Adress: Main building of RUDN University, room 339, phone 8 (495) 787-38-03, ext. 11-74

Head: Ekaterina Shakun

You can contact the staff of the regional management sectors: