Corporate Mail and Portal of the Unified Information System (RUDN UIS)

For each RUDN student, Office365 service account is automatically set up , with the possibility of using the corporate mail of RUDN (which provides access to various programs and services based on the Microsoft Office platform, as well as to the corporate e-mail of RUDN University).

By corporate mail, all the necessary information is sent: home tasks, education materials, news reports, notifications. It is necessary to check the corporate mailbox regularly.

The e-mail address and the ability to work in Office365 web applications are retained by the student after graduation from the University.

Also, for the convenience of students, the portal of the Unified Information System of the RUDN University is accessible through following links:

RUDN UIS is the official information resource of RUDN University which allows to receive information and services in electronic form, pay to RUDN and much more.

For authorization on the RUDN U IS Portal you must use data from an Office365 corporate service user account.

Main domain zone is, which corresponds to the University’s corporate policy.

All letters will be sent on behalf of:

Logging in to the Office365 service and to the UIS Portal must be done on behalf of: