Telecommunication Educational and Information System (TEIS)

TEIS (Telecommunication Educational and Information System) — is an educational environment, a portal where each teacher can create an online training course on his discipline, selecting the necessary teaching materials for each topic/module, collections of links to useful resources on the network, creating interesting interactive assignments and tests. Its link online is

A guide to discipline is always at hand: all the necessary training materials, access to information databases (Single search window for databases, which is located in each course), verified and recommended by the teacher resources in the network.

The opportunity to return to the materials already studied, repeat them at your own pace, ask he teacher questions at the training forums located inside the course at any time.

Students can become equal participants of the educational process (with the consent of the teacher) – supplement the course with their materials, check the work of fellow students. And in the absence of a course on the discipline under study in TEIS, to become pioneers.

Getting access to TEIS by students

With the use of credentials from the RUDN corporate e-mail.

Please note: Before the first login to the TEIS, you must first log into your corporate e-mail account.

In case you have difficulties in using TEIS, you can write to with a detailed description of the problem or use the “Write to technical support” link on the TEIS main page in the Useful Information section..

Students do not have the right to give their passwords to third parties.